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Anonymous: Allen what low top sneakers are you wearing in the picture with the destroyed denim ?

I was wearing a pair of orange and grey calfskin leather Lanvin racer running sneakers. See it here.

Anonymous: What sneakers where you wearing in the art store Box Paper Scissors

I’m wearing a pair of Lanvin calfskin racer running sneakers ($957) from their Fall/Winter 2013 Collection. They were available at London-based fashion retail concept store LN-CC online.

Anonymous: Where is the black hoodie from that you wore in NO when visiting @BoxPaperScssor?

The black pullover “Framed” hoodie ($150) is by Soúroupo na Avgí (@SNAmoda) from their Fall/Winter 2013 Collection.

Anonymous: Be honest. Have you ever worn any Phat Farm, Rocawear, or Southpole back in the gap lol?

Yes, Rocawear. I remember having this navy Rocawear polo shirt that I thought was the coolest piece ever. Ahhh,the good ol’ days.

Anonymous: Hello Allen, 3 weeks ago on your IG you uploaded a pic taken in feb 2012 with Ouigi Theodore. By what brand is the sweater that you were wearing in this picture? Thanks.

Hi, it’s a 3.1 Phillip Lim sweater from the Fall/Winter 2011 Menswear Collection

Anonymous: Are you wearing skinny or slim fit laurent jeans in latest wanderlust?

Slim-fit 15.5cm distressed denim super destroyed jeans ($745). See it here.

Anonymous: Hello wat size balenciaga do you get if you wear a 15

I believe that would be a size 47

Good times at the @GrungyGentleman and @BoswellOfficial Pop-up during All-Star Weekend #UpscaleLife

Good times at the @GrungyGentleman and @BoswellOfficial Pop-up during All-Star Weekend #UpscaleLife

#Wanderlust pt. 9.5 “Deuces” #UpscaleLife

#Wanderlust pt. 9.5 “Deuces” #UpscaleLife

#Wanderlust pt. 9…..🎥 by @abblil #UpscaleLife

bkxxiv: In one of your recent posts on UH yeezy was wearing john Elliott sweats and a gray pull over. Can you please provide the name of the designer for the gray pullover? Greatly appreciated!

The sweatshirt Kanye West is wearing is by VenusxMars. This unisex line is inspired by the glory days of Star Wars, Star Trek, and the Jetsons. The pullover sweatshirt ($380) features raised ribbed detailing at the shoulder and chest with raw unfinished frayed sleeves. Stay tuned for more on the full collection. See it here.

Cruisin’…Late night vibes pt. 2 #UpscaleLife

Anonymous: Why didn't you own anything from the first KanYe x APC collection ? Thought you were a fan of KanYe's style

You can still be a fan of someone without buying into everything they sell. But to answer your question, there wasn’t anything from the first collection that really moved me. 

Anonymous: Hey Allen first of all you are the best dressed individual in the world and please keep doing what your doing. Could you possibly start showing your outfit that your wearing like every other day or once a week? I would be nice to see what you wear on a regular basis.

Wow..Thanks! Yes, I will do what I can but most of the time I am out and about solo. I cant turn the camera on myself…lol

"I can’t live and hold the camera someone got to tape this" - Drake (@Drake), Say What’s Real

Anonymous: Leather pants for men. Go or no go? most rappers would probably say go, but not everybody sees eye to eye on it, what is your opinion?

I’m well aware of how leather pants for men were perceived in the past as well as how it’s stigmatized now, due to its overwhelming popularity over the last couple years. Still, I don’t see a problem with men wearing leather pants. I feel that it’s a great alternative and if you can wear it and have it not wear you, then do so. However, by no means are they an everyday wear and should be worn sparingly. My only disclaimer would be that unlike denim jeans or sweatpants, leather pants do not work for every man, your body type, styling, and self-confidence all play important parts in executing the look. See it here.