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superglossyheroes: Big homie dig the site and had a big question , what brand is that gray cardigan Pharrell has been wearing on the daily? Thanks in advance

 Hi, the grey cardigan is by Comme Des Garcons Homme Plus, which I believe is from the Fall/Winter 2008 Collection. See it here.

Anonymous: First of all, I want to let you know that I look up to you when it comes to your style and sense of fashion. Keep up the great work sir. Now to my question - how often do you get a haircut?

Thank you! I’m honored. I get a haircut once a week. 

Anonymous: Can anyone starting their own clothing company price their shirts excessively high?

Yeah…unfortunately that seems to be the trend nowadays. 

Anonymous: What do you think about Hood By Air and his designer Shayne Oliver ? do you own any of his stuff ?

I really respect what he has been able to accomplish with the brand…but no I don’t own any of his stuff.

Anonymous: Do you think Kanye is the most stylish rapper?

Looking at their body of work, I would say it is a close battle between Pharrell Williams and Kanye West….but as of late, I would have to give it up to Pharrell.

Anonymous: Who's Coachella look did you like more? Kanye's or Cudi's? Or Chnace the Rappers?

Kanye wearing the silk Celine shirt was definitely a moment in history. See it here.

Anonymous: Do you remember what shoes did Kanye West wear at the Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 09 Menswear show?

Hi, they’re grey suede Raf Simons velcro strap sneakers. See it here.

Anonymous: What size Saint-Laurent jeans do you wear?

I wear a size 33

Anonymous: Do you think Nike + Riccardo Tisci Air Force is sneaker of year?

Not at all

Anonymous: hmm u say Common Projects fit true to size which is odd because i heard other people say they fit big so u should size down, i guess i would need to try them on in store, Do you know which stores have common projects in store? in UK preferably

Yeah, in my opinion they fit true to size but it’s always best to try things on. Here is a list of stores in the UK that carry Common Projects sneakers. See here.

bsimmons8888: Hey Allen, I need your advice on an outfit I am trying to put together, how can I send you the link of the pics?

I help with direction but I don’t personal style. 

royalsonly: Hi Allen Onyia. What brand is the backpack you are wearing in the Hypebeast Streetsnap?

It is by Givenchy 

Anonymous: Do you think Tyga is most stylish rapper?

No I do not.

Anonymous: Hi Allen! What did you think of Kid Cudi's Coachella look? Do you know who his stylist is?

I thought it was a cool look specifically for the Coachella stage. As for his stylist…I have no idea. 

abu--bakar: hey, what are the names of those brown shoes you have on in the photo?

Giuseppe Zanotti Mocc Stitch sneakers